It is a peculiar reflection because the three other walls of the room inside (the fourth wall being the window itself) are mirrored; and so there is the appearance of a layered reflection, because the wall opposite the window reflects back at you ⏤ you stare at the mirror as you look through the window, and behind you is reflected the gallery at the opposite end of the square ⏤ and that reflection of yourself is doubled by the window itself, this second reflection less definite but nearer than that of the mirror, so that you see in front of my distant reflection a nearer, partial reflection (only my legs and little red boots). Across the top are three bars of ceiling lights, then beneath quadrupled somehow ⏤ I think that the reflections of the side walls’ mirrors are finding their way into the reflection that points outward through the window, but I am not sure how. In any case it is an elaborate play of reflections and mediation.

Peacock Lane

Narration and video recording by K. Stotz

Audio and video editing by JS